Gather Around the Table with West Elm

I finally get to share with you this post that I have been anxiously waiting for to go live. In case you forgot and if the title isn’t clear enough, I am so blessed to be collaborating with West Elm in the Gather Around the Table campaign. I wanted to showcase our new tradition during this time of year which are our pizza nights. I will showcase our Thanksgiving table within the next couple of weeks as well.
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This past weekend, our new friend and photographer, Lesley, hung out with our family to capture how we gather around the table {with West Elm} during the holiday season. As a young family we are still developing traditions, but one thing that seems to be becoming a tradition is our pizza nights during this time of year. The weather allows the oven to be on at high temperatures and pizza is pretty much my go-to comfort food. The kiddos love it too as they choose their own toppings. The main star of the night though, besides all of the fabulous West Elm plates and utensils, is our favorite pizza with prosciutto, arugula, and red onion. Tomorrow, I will have a step-by-step guide with fabulous photos of how you can recreate this delicious pizza.

I kept our tablescape design clean and simple making the 
West Elm dinnerware and flatware the main focus.

Here I am dancing with my daughter Ella Sofia to Christmas music playing in the background. 
She doesn’t seem too excited about it though. It must be the camera.

Products Featured from West Elm Market:

One thing you will find in our household during this time of year is Christmas music playing {thank you Pandora} and an abundance of homemade sweets. As soon as November begins you will find me playing Christmas music in the mornings or whenever I am in the baking mood, which is quite often during the holiday season. I even force my kiddos to some dancing to the Christmas tunes. This season is so special in my heart and I love entertaining, but I love intimate gatherings with my little family just as much or even more. 

I love the small details that go with setting the table. Flowers are pretty much mandatory, and even though place cards were not necessarily required, they tend to be a common occurrence when we gather around the table. They are just as dear in my heart as are monograms. I hope one day my kiddos appreciate all the small details that went into setting the table during the holiday season, and I hope they carry these as their own traditions when they have their own families. This season truly fills me with peace, joy, and comfort. I will definitely be sharing more about this intimate evening. Stay tuned for posts featuring how to assemble the simple place cards, a step-by-step guide with photos of how to make the pizza, and more photos of the evening. 

So now I want to hear about your holiday traditions and how you gather around the table during this time of year. Please share with me in the comments section below.

For a look behind the scenes go here.
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I am so flattered to be part of this campaign. It really is an honor to work with an amazing brand such as West Elm. Thank you West Elm for sponsoring this post. And thanks to my readers for supporting the brands that make a dose of pretty happen.

P.S. A big thank you to Lesley for hanging out with our family and helping me capture these amazing photos. If you are local to the Wilmington, NC area or close enough, contact her for all of your photography needs.

All photography via Lesley Veronika Photography

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  • Natalie Merrillyn

    Sara, this is perfect! What a fun opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing brand. I love how you styled everything, just gorgeous. I have the gold flatware and it’s perfect, isn’t it? Have to pull it out for the upcoming holidays. :)

  • Natalie Mason

    Sara, you have a real talent, that table is gorgeous and perfectly styled. I love every detail. I need to bite the bullet and get that gold flatware, I have been eyeing it forever! Can’t wait for your pizza recipe!!

  • Ashley

    It all looks so beautiful, Sara! Great job. This post and your styling make it very clear why West Elm reached out to you to be part of this campaign!

    And I’ll say it once more: that pie looks delish!

  • Sara Mueller

    Thank you Natalie! I love my gold flatware and any excuse to use it is great!

  • Sara Mueller

    Thank you Natalie for your kind words! You made my day!

  • Sara Mueller

    Thank you Ashley for being so sweet!

  • Lesley Veronika Photography

    Ahh! It looks so great! I love it! Thanks so much Sara for inviting me to enjoy your delicious pizza and pie. It truly was a pleasure hanging out with your family!

  • Silvia {Tastes So Good Blog}

    What a beautiful table setting! Would you mind sharing where your top is from, please and thank you!!! :)
    Your daughter is a cutie btw!

  • Sara Mueller

    Hi Silvia! Thank you! You can find the link to top here:

  • Elle Woeller

    Sara, it all looks so pretty! Great job! Love your top as well…unfortunately Madewell is out of my size :-(

  • TheLittleBlackDoor

    I love this. Everything is so beautiful!

  • Sara Mueller

    Hi Elle! So glad you liked it.

  • Sara Mueller

    Thank you!

  • Sara Mueller

    Thank you Lesley! So glad you could be a part of this with me!