February 7, 2013

Work In Progress

If you follow along on instagram then you noticed I have been focusing my time
on redoing my workspace. Just in the last few days, things have changed quite a bit 
since the last picture I showed you. I have been working with furniture we already had. 
We actually painted the desk white this past weekend and I have been moving furniture 
around the rooms in the house to make this space happen. I love shopping in my own home
and repurposing things especially since the budget for this space was tight. Aside
from the new diy inspiration board, I did order new hardware for the desk in gold 
and they should be arriving soon. It's the small details that will make this desk look that
much better. It's quickly becoming one of my favorite spots in the house and that's a 
good thing since my new business will require me to spend most of my day here.


  1. Your office is so pretty! I love a room that is all white, spawns creativity! Your prints are so pretty:)

  2. It looks beautiful Sara! I love the pops of golds and pinks. And congrats on Sara Mueller Interiors, that is very exciting news.

  3. I love everything you've done so far! I can't wait to see more!!


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