January 10, 2013

Writing Lists {& checking them twice}

When I had a career, I lived by writing lists of my to-dos. They really helped me stay
organized. I would actually write two lists, one for work and one for the home.
Since I left work, I haven't been that good on writing to-dos and if I did somehow
I ended up ignoring them. This year, I am promised myself that I would make a better
effort at writing lists and actually follow up on them. I decided that I needed to treat
being a stay-at-home Mom much like a job and stay organized and on top of things {such as
writing thank you notes, balancing our checkbook, sending birthday cards to friends
and family, and so on}. I have actually done pretty well so far. In the morning while I 
drink my first cup {or second cup} of coffee I either write my list or add on to it.
Mornings are usually better for me and it seems like the kiddos are on their best
behavior. And during the day, I am making an effort at actually following up with my
list in a timely manner. Another thing that actually helps me be productive is getting
out of my pajamas early morning. It seems like getting dressed and putting on
some pretty jewels even if I am just staying home for the day gives me
the motivation needed to start the day.

Now, let's go seize the day and be productive! 


  1. I feel the same way about getting dressed and looking nice. If I stay in my pajamas, I do not want to do anything but play games on my phone or the computer. :/

  2. If I don't write it down I just won't do it, so I highly depend on to-do lists! I keep one for the blog and web, and one for the home ;)

  3. you got it, girl! it's going to be a great day! :) thanks for the "pep" talk!

  4. I totally agree with having two to-do lists - one for work and one for home. Even though I work full-time I can totally understand starting off a day with a cup of coffee, a list of tasks for the day ahead, dressed up in nice clothes and with a bit of make up on. When I was working part time and studying for my Masters, I would spend half a week at home and I would sometimes sit at the computer in my pyjamas, looking like I've just woken up. But you are absolutely right - you feel more productive if you actually put a bit of effort into how you look. It also makes things so much easier when unexpected guests arrive! :)


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