January 24, 2013

Details in the Bedroom

Our bedroom is lacking in details and in furniture.
I know what I want and slowly these details and furniture will be added:
an amazing gigantic gold mirror, a vanity area or a place to write notes,
a bench at the end of the bed, and a statement piece of art. I am thinking
of a picture of my boys {hubby and AJ} underwater or this piece by Peter Butler.

I have an upcoming diy project that involves driftwood and a mirror.
I am hoping to replicate the driftwood mirror above. I probably need a lot
more driftwood though. I have about 100 pieces, but may need another 100.


  1. I can't wait to see the mirror when you finish with it!

  2. Sara, I love the details you've chosen to add to your bedroom. Hope you share the mirror tutorial - I'd love to see that!


  3. I'm currently working on our bedroom too - love the inspo pics!xo


  4. That mirror is just so unique and cool...especially if you're collecting the driftwood yourself! A lot of work, but it gives it so much more character and sentimental meaning (c:

  5. What a lovely collection of inspiration pictures! I love having artwork in my apartment that are all about family! Hope your picture and driftwood mirror projects turn out great!


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