November 15, 2012

Coffee, Tea & Scones

Lately, we have been on a tea kick. On sunny days, AJ and I will sit in our sunroom
and a enjoy a pot of tea (decaff of course). Last week, I thought I would make our 
tea times extra special if I baked some sweets. During our recent visit here, we got an 
order of vanilla scones with our tea and I thought that the scones and tea perfectly
complemented each other. Just recently, I tried this recipe which I adapted slightly. This
morning since it's a preschool day and I am short on time for a real breakfast,
I started my day with coffee and scones. Sometimes a small treat is all I need
to make my rushed mornings a little better.

Happy Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely little post. There is just something special about the mornings and anything that makes them a little nicer.


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