August 6, 2012

Summer to Fall: The Summer Dress

Lately, I have been wishing for cooler weather and I know that the 
Fall season will be here before we know it. One of the hardest pieces for me to transition
to Fall is the summer dress, since I rarely wear dresses in cool weather, 
but I really want to change that. This is my favorite dress this summer and I think
I am going to have a hard time not wearing it in the Fall. So I have devised 
a plan to continue wearing it.
Summer Look: necklace // earrings // handbag // Joie Dress {on sale, 70% off} // 
wedges {on sale}
Fall Look: leather jacket // handbag // Joie Dress {on sale, 70% off} // bracelet // 

During this Summer, I am keeping the jewelry clean and simple with this necklace that I love.
And for the Fall, all I need to accessorize the dress with is this Hermes enamel bracelet.
And for the Fall there are two options for shoes, day and night.
Shop the dress here.


  1. I have definitely been lusting after those Hermes bangles for a while can actually get them for a reasonable amount on ebay...and by reasonable I mean like $200 instead of $600 (c;

  2. I would die to wear any of this right now. I think it will be like 105 in Dallas today. Kill me!! Great picks! Xo


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