May 13, 2012

The Boyjean

If you have been reading my blog lately, then you might know that a pair of boyfriend jeans
are on my wish list. I had been coveting these, but the price kept discouraging me from pulling the trigger. 
Then came Elizabeth from The NOW and she shared with me that her favorite boyfriend jeans
are these by Madewell. And just recently I saw them featured on US Magazine. I am happy
to say that a pair will soon join my post-baby wardrobe. Buy them here.

Happy Mother's Day to my American momma friends!


  1. Love tapered, distressed denim! In fact I wore some in my last outfit post. It doesn't stop me wanting more pairs though! These look fab

  2. Yes! I agree with Miss Olsen, those Madewell jeans look like the perfect mix of slouchy meets skinny. You are making me want to get a pair Sara!!!

  3. Yessss! We have the same one as Elizabeth Olsen?!? Love her! Thanks for the shout out!! I think you'll love them.. I definitely do. Xoxo oh and happy mother's day!

  4. I love boyjeans too! I've been catching up on some of your prior posts and noticed that you've bought a house and are now residing in NC! Wow! Congrats! Love the house too and the lot! XX

  5. I cant wait to hear what you think, I swear finding the perfect pair of jeans is like looking for a needle in a haystack!!


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