April 5, 2012

Accessories for the Home: designstILes

I have asked a few of my favorite bloggers to fill-in for me while I am in the midst
of moving stateside. Today, I am so honored that Irene from designstILes is here with us. 
Her blog is full of inspirational images and she is one of the best at making 
tablescapes look beyond amazing.
Hi Pretty readers, it's Irene from designstILes filling in for Sara while she's settling into her new home.
I actually had the opportunity to meet Sara on a recent trip to Peru
Glad I caught her while she was still there.

Hope my five must-have home accessories will inspire her to bring these into her home. 
I'm sure a good amount of us already own most of these.
I've long liked most things brass, but recently brass figurines are too cute to pass up. They bring in a vintage feel full of personality.
Elephant and deer can be found here and here.
I love having fresh flowers in the house. Usually I just pick some wild ones from our yard, but if money permits, treat yourself to a more elaborate bouquet. And it's always nice to splurge on nicer flowers when guests come visit. Let's them know you care.

flower images via style me pretty
Decorative boxes are pretty and double as a place to hide obnoxious things like remote controls and other junk not nice enough to display.
I keep a candle in every room in our house. Also a nice gesture for when guests come visit. It's nice to hear your house smells good when they walk through the door.
Coffee table books showcase your interests and serve as a great source of inspiration.
And there you have it, my five must have accessories.
How many of these do you have?
Thanks so much for having me, Sara!

Thank you Irene for sharing your must-have accessories for the home!


  1. oh my goodness, love the little brass figurines! especially the dashund! so freakin cute!


  2. Just added the brass elephant to my favorites on Etsy! Of course, Irene was spot on with all her picks. I'm reminded that I need a few more decorative boxes! :)

  3. Thanks so much for having me, Sara. This was fun! Can't wait to see updates on your new home.

  4. Oh love the brass figurines! So cute.

  5. I must have all of the above!

  6. How effin glam are you two that you met in Peru?!

    I love brass animals! I have a gazelle from an antique mall for $6. I haven't done anything with him though...he's in storage. I need to find him and play with him.

  7. Lovely photos :)


  8. Hehehe, I love that you ladies met up in *Peru* (c: Jetsetting awesomeness...as are all of these goodies! You just convinced me that I need a pretty box in the living room for the remotes...dang I hate it when those things are floating around!

  9. that tom ford book is so good... i've always loved it!

  10. Ummm I really need for Irene to fly to NYC to decorate my drab apt. I heart her style. I need some brass piggys and boston terriers in my house!! SO happy for the intro, happy to follow your bloggie!

  11. fine things ; ]



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