April 22, 2011

Fashion Files: All Things Bright and Beautiful

Well hello lovely readers! Today joining us for Fashion Files
is the super funny and fabulous Aubrey of All Things Bright and Beautiful and I 
am totally loving her bright shoe collection!

Hey America, Sam Sparks here! Not really (and if you haven't seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, you are now just confused)...Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful! And yes, my sense of humor will be pretty much like that throughout the whole post (c:
Seriously, how cool is it that Sara is now blogging from Peru??? It's kind of mind-blowingly awesome, right? (c:
That is only one of the reasons that I am so excited to be sharing a gazillion few of my accessories with y'all today...
So let's dive in, shall we???
So beautiful, curated, and sentimental this collection is *NOT*....I'm pretty sure all of my accessories are not pricey, but darn it, we have fun! I love me some big, chunky necklaces...and the pearls for when I'm pretending to be lady-like...
Bracelets...the ones on the far right are my favorites right now, metallic leather with *bling*...doesn't that just scream "awesome"???
And you really can't be without some great earrings...right now the coral colored ones are my favorites...love you, Tar-jay!
But what I really obsess over love is my *SHOES*.
Much to my husband's dismay. Why don't they understand the concept of a shoe for every occasion?
So what if I haven't worn that pair in 6 months....don't worry babies, mommy still loves you. (c:

And my flats for when I'm being all "practical"...and really, who wants to do that? (c:
I wish I could say that was all of them...but clearly I lack the attention span photography skills to really catch them all in all their glory (c:
A few things I'm looking to add to up the fabulous factor:
And only in my *wildest* dreams...
If you made it through all the randomness and rambling, you are my new hero! Thanks to Sara for having me!
Thank you Aubrey for being here with me today!


  1. Oh! Love the pretty colors and fun accessories!

  2. Aubrey is hilarious- love her fun self. I'm highly jealous of her fabulous shoe collection and love love those coral earrings. Great post!!

  3. Aubrey rocks my tootsies off, love that girl and her collection of pretties. I spy a necklace in there that I have too!!

  4. Love Aubrey! She's the cutest!

  5. Yay for Aubrey! Love her! And that's one fantabulous shoe collection :) xoxo

  6. so fun! what a great shoe collection, aubrey!

    and so glad to find another fab blog! now following :) fun fact: my mom was born in lima and i'm part peruvian!


  7. I love the colorful shoes, hoping to change the lack of color in my shoe collection now!

  8. Love Aubrey! So cheerful and hilarious! I love the rainbow pump wheel. Inspiring me to add some more color and stop buying nude and black pumps.

  9. It's about that time for me to update my accessories! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Awww...thanks for all the sweet comments, you shoe-loving cutie pies, you! I'm glad to be in good company (c: Thanks again Sara for letting me blog crash!

  11. Love me some Aubrey. She totally gets my humor and I get hers as well. And her stILe!


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